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Novatex Products

Client: Novatex Products


Novatex Products is one of Australia’s leading Manufacturers in the adhesive, render, texture coating and Toll Manufacturing. Novatex employs an innovative team of over 70 employees and sells it's products across Australia to more than 50 Stockists.


Novatex Products were operating their business with an outdated website and no digital marketing presence. Our solution was to provide a one day workshop to build brand personas, understand who our target audience is. We started with understanding the UX (User Experience), then we moved into the UI (User Interface). Our team was able to deliver a custom built website that is responsive across all devices, desktop, tablet, mobile. Our team also helped develop the custom grout calculator for Novatex which allows users to find out how much product they require. The main goal of this website was to be user friendly and deliver all information required to potential users, from products, to resellers, to what Novatex does.