88 Burwood
Strathfield Partners
  • Custom Website

88 Burwood is the newest property building in Sydney’s inner west. Strathfield Partners linked up with The Marketing Co. to create a custom website that showcases the exclusive world of lifestyle experiences at this luxurious dwelling.

From photography, initial website designs, all the way to the finalisation and going live, The Marketing Co. worked closely with Strathfield Partners in strategising the best way to exhibit what 88 Burwood has to offer given the tight timeline to deliver every marketing material needed to launch the campaign.

One page that says it all.

A minimalistic yet elegant and functional design is what The Marketing Co. went for in order to give 88 Burwood the spotlight it deserves. By sticking to the brand guidelines we developed, the team was able to come up with a design that speaks what the property is all about—luxury and functionality.

A graceful touch.

A minimalistic design does not always mean an absence of aesthetic. The Marketing Co. incorporated subtle touches of on-brand elements to enhance the experience and keep the viewers interested while not letting it distract them from what the website really is all about—88 Burwood’s luxurious homes.

Subtle but robust features.

Less is more when it comes to 88 Burwood’s custom website. By integrating simple and minimalistic design and functionality, we were able to define the property and set a place for it in the digital world.

Behind the scenes of the incredible work we deliver.

Working in such a tight deadline and still deliver high quality work can be a challenge, but as The Marketing Co. liaised closely with Strathfield Partners, 889 Burwood’s new website smoothly came to life.

A bespoke website for a bespoke company.


Inspired design meets cosmopolitan living.

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