Creating a digital home for beautiful properties with DCN Group.
DCN Group
  • Custom Website

DCN Group is a Sydney based construction company who prides themselves on quality to help create a new beginning for many Australians. With their customer-first approach in building, The Marketing Co. knew just what they needed to get this message across.

A custom website is what we recommended for DCN to achieve its goals. By getting to know the company well, we were able to deliver this and more.

A digital platform built to last.

By laying out DCN’s expertise and projects in a comprehensive way, we were able to build a website that showcases what it means to do business with DCN—giving its users a unique understanding of what defines luxury and quality.

Simplicity without any compromise.

To make sure we get the best out of the user’s experience, it was essential to optimise the website for mobile. User-testing and initial planning made this possible in the process of building DCN’s website.

Behind the scenes of the incredible work we deliver for DCN.

Telling a story about a construction company in a digital platform involves a lot of knowing who its audience is. This approach has been especially important in developing the flow of content and showcasing each project and expertise for this website.

Building beautiful homes for the consumer.


DCN Group stands out in the property development industry, and they now have a custom website to prove it.

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