The hard work involved in building Elegant Tea Time's custom website.
Elegant Tea Time
  • Custom Website

Elegant Tea Time’s goal is to offer hire items that are beautiful, fresh, and fun. With this agenda at hand, building custom website that catalogues a huge range of unique design items was essential.

We started this project with a website workshop which identified our objectives and allowed us to form a solution. Our team successfully implemented custom features built specifically for Elegant Tea Time.

The devil is in the little details.

The website may look simple at first glance, but when looked at closely, the user experience that come with hiring and products on Elegant Tea Time’s website is a well thought of process that involved separating the user experience into those who wanted to hire, and those who wanted to buy.

Understanding what the consumers need.

The intuitive structure of the website was planned in a way that customers can be engaged and start thinking about doing business with Elegant Tea Time. Doing so required a lot of planning in terms of the user journey and how they would go about the entire website.

Learning to organise hundreds of products.

Custom product management features enable the clients to organise, add, and manage their wide range of products on the new website.

Behind the scenes of the incredible work we deliver for Elegant Tea Time.

Our team worked closely for months with the team at Elegant Tea Time to produce this custom website, from every touch point, this website required detailed attention due to the audience using the website with minimal effort.

Providing endless styling possibilities.


The finished product and the effect that came after for Elegant Tea Time proved that all hard work is worth it.

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