How Impressive Wardrobes got the digital makeover that works.
Impressive Wardrobes
  • Custom Website

For over 20 years, Impressive Wardrobes have been providing solutions for people who are looking for stylish and functional wardrobes. This year was the year they decided they needed a style solution of their own.

The strategy for Impressive Wardrobes isn’t like any other e-commerce websites because the main focus was the brand and what it can do, as opposed to selling products from the website.

Results that say it all.
  • 300% +
    Organic visits
  • No. 1
    On Google search engine
  • 200 +
    New leads in 30 days
An e-commerce website, but not really.

While it was essential for Impressive Wardrobe’s new website to still showcase their products, it wasn’t the main focus for the platform. The main goal for this information-heavy website was to let its customers know anything and everything about the services the client can deliver.

All the information in one digital space.

Knowing how to organise a large amount of information into a website is one of the things that helped complete this project. Watching it come to life and seeing the leads generated through contact forms strategically placed on the website has made all the effort worth it.

Making the process of designing a wardrobe easier.

We have made the confusing task of designing and styling a wardrobe easier by creating a section that enables users to pick and choose finishes, layouts, and door handles digitally.

Behind the scenes of the incredible work we deliver for Impressive Wardrobes.

The client’s showroom is one of the main things we had to feature for Impressive Wardrobes. Our team has set out for a day of photography in their showroom in order to ensure that we get the best images to showcase on the website.

Feel the impressive difference.


Impressive Wardrobes works with its customers to deliver custom-built wardrobes, and this robust website makes it possible.

Let’s talk about how we can bring your ideas to life!