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JT Worx
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JT Worx is a leading specialised contracting company with an expertise in delivering high risk jobs whilst maintaining zero harm to people, property, and the environment. When JT Worx approached TMC, they have been let down when it comes to building their own website. The Marketing Co. made sure this doesn’t happen again.

The Marketing Co. takes building websites for niche clients as an exciting challenge more than anything. We had to familiarise ourselves to who the client is and what they can do for their customers to make this possible.

A different approach.

JT Worx is unlike any other websites we have done before. The client wanted to showcase who they really are by letting images and a little bit of content do the work. Creating a design within these constraints was a challenge we were willing to take.

A simple design with one-of-a-kind animations.

Digital is ever-changing, and sometimes, simply showcasing images may not be enough. Because of this, we had to think about what animations to use in order to keep the design complex and exciting to use.

Images are heroes.

Because we let images do the work for this website, their placements needed to be carefully planned for the entire flow of the website to make sense. Other functionalities also had to be straightforward and simple in order to jive well with the rest of the design.

Behind the scenes of the incredible work we deliver for JT Worx.

By working closely with the people from JT Worx, we were able to create a custom website that showcases how JT Worx helps the community without placing any harm towards its people.

An image-based product of intensive collaboration.


Ensuring that JT Worx reputation within industry is the best around has been TMC’s drive in building this website.

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