Building a digital home for Pyramids Builders.
Pyramids Builders
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Pyramids Builders has gained 15 years of experience in new developments in construction and refurbishments, alterations, additions and fitouts. After building homes for their stakeholders for over a decade, Pyramids have decided it’s about time to build themselves a new one digitally.

The Marketing Co. developed a strategy and worked closely with the team at Pyramids Builders. With multiple website workshops and design concepts, we were able to identify what the main goal of the website was. The goal was to develop a custom website that allows Pyramids to showcase their capabilities and projects in a simple yet user-friendly way.

Intuitive and easy on the eyes.

Designed with the audience in mind, Pyramids’ new website now offers an efficient filter system that lists down their projects according to its completion. This allows Pyramids to give their audiences the content they asked for in an organised way.

Optimised for all type of user experiences.

Planing the content well with the client enabled us to optimise the website and prioritise information that we wanted to showcase on the website for all types of screens to ensure all users get a great experience no matter what device they are using.

A website that speaks for itself.

It’s the quality of work that determines how good a development and construction website will look. For Pyramids, this is manifested in the projects they have done and how well it is presented on their respective pages.

Behind the scenes of the incredible work we deliver for Pyramids.

Carefully curating which projects to feature made this possible has been a key task in building Pyramids’ website into what it is today. In the end, the content we came up with has greatly supported the new Pyramids website communicate that they are the leaders in quality construction and development.

Built to perfection.


Giving Pyramids the robust platform they need to take the lead in the game of construction and developments.

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