Brand Identity – IT’S WHO YOU ARE!

Brand Identity – IT’S WHO YOU ARE!

We get this question a lot – “What is brand identity and why does it even matter?” 

It matters for so many different reasons and NO it’s not just the logo that makes a brands identity. Instead, it’s what your brand is built on such as values, how products are communicated and how you want consumers to feel when interacting with your brand. Simplified it’s the personality and promise in which you create for your consumers, so if your brand is seen as more than just a logo and instead creates an emotional effect on the consumer this can really determine if your business makes or breaks in the future.  

There are five components which make up a strong brand identity.

1. Logo

Yes, even though it’s not the main component it is an essential one, the logo represents the “face” of your company and tells a customer who you are and what the business name is simply through the use of an image. For instance, think of Nike most of us only need to see the tick to know its Nike and represents sportswear and equipment. 

2. Trust and Credibility 

The only way to maintain the face of a brand and have consistency with brand recognition over time is to ensure that credibility and trust is developed among consumers and competitors. If you no longer seem like a creditable brand consumer engagement will decrease and brand image will be permanently damaged. 

3. Advertising

Brand identity directs the creative vision of advertisements for your brand, having developed a brand with a face and established creditability this places you in a well-prepared position to promote your product and successfully engage with potential buyers.  

4. Establish a Mission 

When developing an identity, you’re giving the brand something to stand for which gives the company a purpose to thrive this in turn has a better impression on the consumer as they understand the brand isn’t focused primarily on profits and has a higher purpose. Some amazing examples of brands with a higher brand purpose include Zambrero with their plate 4 plate initiative helping the fight against world hunger or Chobani Yogurt which actively hires and supports refugees an initiative set out by Founder Hamdi Ulukaya.

5. Generating a Consumer Base 

An established brand identity with a face, trust/creditability and a mission attract consumers who agree with the brands offering and ultimately see it as a reflection of themselves and their own values. Consistency and sticking by these values are what allows consumers to remain attracted to your brand and supporting it while also helping bring in new consumers. 

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