Instagram: A spotlight for your business

Instagram: A spotlight for your business

Social media has become one of the most powerful platforms to increase brand awareness and promote businesses. 

Let’s get technical – The Instagram Algorithm 

In recent years Instagram replaced their chronological feed pattern with an algorithm which wasn’t accepted with open arms by users. It went from being as easy as posting when followers were active to now having multiple factors which influence follower’s engagement with your posts. 

Some of the factors which influence how well your post perform as a business include: 

  • Interest

The algorithm predicts how interested the user would be with your content ranking your post higher on their feed, this is based on their behaviour to similar content. Think about the explore page, once you’ve shown interest by liking or viewing a post for a period of time then similar content is shown to you on the explore page. SO make sure you’re posting interesting and relevant content for your target audience. 

  • Time

Instagram prioritises recent posts to avoid users seeing posts from over a week ago. This is why it’s important to keep your business profile active and continuously sharing content at least 3-4 times a week. 

  • Relationships

Businesses need to remain aware of when their followers are most active and ensure that there is always interaction with followers. This is because Instagram is more likely to make your posts appear higher on a user’s page if they have commented or tagged your page in posts. 

GOLDEN TIP – Always have engaging content which encourages followers to tag you in their posts or comment on yours. 

Optimising your page based on the algorithm 

It essential to think about how your Instagram profile looks like as it’s a reflection of your brand.

This is why there has become an increased amount of time spent by businesses planning the overall set out of their profiles. 

When someone visits your profile there is only a few second window to convert them into a follower, this is often determined by a glance or quick scroll of your feed. It is essential to ensure your account is consistent and reflective of your brand image. 

Tips for engaging users with your profile content:

  • Consistently of what is being posted
  • Colour scheme which is followed in every post
  • Posting informative content and tips
  • Engage with users by reposting UGC (user generated content) 
  • Post relevant highlights to always be seen on your page
  • Have your website linked in your bio 

Finally, don’t expect all visitors and followers on your Instagram profile to be converted to customers instantly, Instagram is a platform which increases brand awareness and helps the target market to get to know your brand and consider it when wanting to make a purchase of the product or service you are offering.

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