SE nO! – The top 5 misconceptions about SEO’s

SE nO! – The top 5 misconceptions about SEO’s

We understand the frustration of business owners when hearing the different types of technical marketing strategies especially when each strategy is linked with multiple misconceptions.  

The term SEO is one of those which is linked with many myths causing it to become extremely complicated to understand and implement as a business strategy. 

This blog is all about debunking the top five myths about SEO which are continuously floating around. 

1. SEO no longer exists 

This one is the most common and also the most INACCURATE! 

You see due to the number of myths out there its caused businesses to no longer believe nor understand the effectiveness of SEO. 

SEO will always exist and continue to evolve in order to be compatible with modern search engine algorithms. It has certainly changed in the past couple of years and no longer works with the old tricks of just throwing a few keywords on your website and hoping to rank high. This change was definitely for the better and helps ensure content on websites are informative and useful for consumers. 

2. SEO is a Scam 

Yes, we understand there is so many spams and scammers out there which pose as SEO professionals. They promise the world for a low monthly fee which never deliver results and causes businesses to lose hope in the SEO strategy. The only time a business will believe in the strategy is when they have a positive experience.

SEO is a proven strategy and like with any business investment make sure to look into who you’re giving your resources to and ensure you get a few references before investing into the service.

3. SEO only needs to be implemented once 

We’ve heard it many times before when clients ask why they need SEO now when they hired someone a couple years ago to do the “job”.

No SEO isn’t a one-off service which keeps your website ranked highly for an extended period of time ESPECIALLY when you have a large amount of competitors.

SEO should be considered as an on-going investment which helps keep content updated, customers informed and visibility on search engines high. Frequency of updating SEO work varies depending on competitiveness of the industry and the methods in which consumers interact with your business. 

4. SEO needs to be done by our IT department 

There is a misconception many businesses believe which is that their IT department is able to do the work because SEO seems extremely technical. There is definitely a technical element to SEO but that doesn’t mean your IT department needs to do the work.

Just because they understand how to remove a virus from your PC doesn’t necessarily mean they can optimise your website. SEO is a standalone skill that your IT department may not have the time to master effectively. 

5. Social media has NO influence on SEO 

Yes, there isn’t a direct link between social media and SEO meaning just because you have hundreds and thousands of likes and followers on Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean your website will be ranking number one.

However, there is still an INDIRECT link between the two !

For instance the increase in social media marketing will cause your website to become more visible and visited by target market by linking your site to your social media campaigns. 

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