Facebook Conversions API: What is It, and How Do You Use It?

Facebook Conversions API: What is It, and How Do You Use It?

Facebook Conversions API: What is it, and how do you use it?

Whenever a new piece of technology rolls around, many are quick to use it as soon as they can. There are however, very few people who can say they’ve mastered it a short time after.

Once you’ve mastered something, that would make it so much easier to take advantage of all the new capabilities of a piece of technology. Brand new features created to grow – and contribute to the ever expanding online world – would be the tools that would help your brand get to where it’s meant to be.

If you’re going to do business online, learning the possibilities of every single tool out there, you’re going to be a step ahead of many others who have online businesses. One of the most important tools to learn is one that can help gather pertinent information on your customers.

Why Audience Statistics are Important

A good reason why this is really important is because you will be able to adjust your business strategies and marketing plans to better suit your target audience. If you properly foster and address the needs of your potential customers, your audience will grow at a steady state.

It’s not just growth that you’re solely after, but also customer retention. Returning customers are a key to keeping your business booming. You’re not going to be simply trying to get new patrons all the time to make ends meet. You will have returning customers to keep a constant flow of business for your brand.

What is Facebook Conversions API?

One of the tools that can help your business grow and foster an audience is Facebook Conversions API. It is a feature by Facebook that gathers customer data. That kind of data includes what each member of your audience has in common with each other.

The reason why it gathers this data is so that you would be able to easily implement business practices and smarter marketing moves in order to serve your customers better. You can optimise the way you connect with your audience using this direct link between information and action.

How is Facebook conversions API different from Facebook pixel?

Although there are some comparisons between Facebook conversions API and Facebook pixel, they have different avenues of data gathering. That’s where the weakness of Facebook pixel shows, because it gathers data through the user’s web browser.

Over time, users have been able to install browser add-ons that limit websites from gathering data. Users also can choose to deny website cookies. This has contributed to the decline of Facebook pixel’s practical use from business. 

How Facebook conversions API gathers data is through the website’s own server. That way, it won’t rely on cookies to gather data. Since all the data is gathered from where your website would be hosted. And then, it can work together with Facebook pixel to get more accurate results when data gathering.

How to Use Facebook Conversions API

To use it, you’re going to need to have to set up your website for Facebook pixel. Facebook conversions API works in tandem with Facebook pixel to improve audience data accuracy.

It will be relatively easy to set up the API for your website if it’s a partner platform of Facebook. Instagram and WordPress are examples of that. In the case of websites like these, you’ll be able to set everything up without any knowledge of web design.

If your website is not hosted on a Facebook partner platform, it’s an entirely different story. You’ll need to manually set it up on your website. It’s better if you have a developer help you out. But with everything else you have to do to make your business booming, perhaps you could get better results by contacting The Marketing Co.

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