iOS14 Changes To Advertising And What You Should Do

iOS14 Changes To Advertising And What You Should Do

If there is one thing that is constant in the world of technology, it’s change. We cannot deny that these changes also happen rapidly, as more people find ways to take advantage of them. Many businesses and companies are starting to realise that they need to invest in it as soon as possible (see here). Therefore, you can always see them trying out new things online, especially around social media.

However, there are some restrictions that these companies need to follow when it comes to applications. For example, we all know that Apple is one of the leading companies for smartphones, tablets and computers. One of the more unique things about Apple is they have their operating system, which is only available for their users. It is not like Windows or Android that has more options when it comes to the devices.

Following The Rules

For this reason, you need to follow Apple’s terms and conditions before you can add your application to their system. It is also important that you will still follow their guidelines every time it changes. iOS are explicitly used on phones, and it updates from time to time to address issues regarding the phone and operating system. However, there are more extensive changes that you need to look out for, especially in iOS 14. 

There are many changes on this update, but the standout is Apple’s increase of protection for their users. It specifically targets to improve their data privacy, making it a little more challenging for advertisers to personalise content. They also try to minimise targeted marketing or advertising and let their users know if the application or page asks for marketing data. 

It is a bold move, considering that many applications, including the larger ones like Facebook, rely on these strategies for their business. This move is GREAT for users since they are assured that Apple protects their data. However, it is detrimental, especially for smaller companies that are just starting online. Once it pushes to full completion, there will be limitations regarding how you will advertise to Apple users. 

Changes and movements

As advertisements on Apple affect personalised marketing, you may want to change your strategy as soon as possible. One of the leading apps that will be affected by these changes is Facebook and other social media sites. They need to comply with these changes, or else they would be locked out of the App Store like what happened with this app: Both of these companies are big enough to compete with each other, but Facebook is playing on their terrain.

You can hire a digital marketing agency that can help you through these changes. It is one of the largest changes over these past few years, and you will need all the help you can get. Even though it is relatively new, its effects will be felt possibly for years, so you need to be ready. It takes time to create a new strategy for your business, but an expert can help reduce the repercussions. 

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