SEO VS Google Adwords? We’ve Simplified It For You

SEO VS Google Adwords? We’ve Simplified It For You

If there is one thing that most people want to learn these days, it is Search Engine Optimization or also known as SEO. People all over the world are looking for ways to incorporate it into their systems, and it has become an effective way to market themselves and their products. However, there still seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to this particular concept. Also, the introduction of other digital marketing concepts has made it even more complicated, as you can learn here:

For instance, Google Search is the leading search engine, and there seems to be no other contest. It is the most well-known and has the highest number of users compared to other options. For this reason, many companies want to work with Google via Adsense so that their products and services will be marketed on their platforms. Advertising on Google is a little different from using SEO as a strategy since many factors make them varied from one another. 

Introducing Google Adwords

Google Ad words it’s something we’ve all heard about but do we all really know what it means? If you want your product to be the first thing that netizens would see if they want to find something using Search, then you would need to use Adwords. It’s paid advertising on google which puts you on the top of the search results. Ads on search engines increase brand awareness by 80% and 46% of clicks go to the top three paid ads in search results as explained on  this site. Depending on your business we do highly recommend google ads due to the results we’ve seen them deliver not only in building awareness but also generating leads. 

You are the master of your budget you can choose a plan you would like for your marketing, namely: cost per click or CPC (also known as pay per click or PPC) and cost per thousand impressions or CPM. CPC refers to the number of people who will click on the ad that you sent to Google. Meanwhile, CPM would measure the number of people who had seen the ad, usually done by the thousands. You can also advertise through other websites that use Google through their Adsense program.

SEO: The Buzzword Of The Decade

SEO is the general term for marketing strategies that deal with the manipulation of data in search engines. It may be a relatively unfamiliar concept to many, but it is a necessary tool for companies to be able to make sure that they would reach as many people as possible. Data shows 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search (BrightEdge) which is a large member to miss out on. The strategy does not only target Google’s algorithm, but also other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Every search engine has its unique algorithms that would ensure which website would be at the top of a search. Some of the factors involved in these algorithms cannot be manipulated, but others are clear enough to be understood by experts. Thus, the creation of strategies aimed at optimising websites for ranking purposes. 

Ironically, these same companies – Google along with other search engines – give out tutorials on how to use SEO in their search engines, but only white hat strategies such as the ones you will see on this link. Understanding how these platforms are wired is crucial to fully benefit from these search engines and make it more profitable for your business website.

As you can see, SEO is the umbrella term for anything that you want to do to market on a search engine. It covers most strategies in digital marketing, including PPC or CPC, to some extent. On the other hand, Google Adwords is a service that would help you market through Google Search and all related platforms, by bumping your website up in the search results pages in exchange for recurring monthly fees.

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