Why is a holistic approach your best shot at success in a disruptive online market space?

Why is a holistic approach your best shot at success in a disruptive online market space?

How many times have you heard these statements?

“Your website isn’t optimised for google ads”

“Your content isn’t relevant for your audience”

“Your social media campaign isn’t compelling enough”

“Your not choosing the right keywords for your SEO campaign”

And many more…

Frustrating? We think so too! As this keeps making the online market space more and more disruptive.

There are continuous updates and features added on Facebook and Instagram which have the power to affect your social media strategy…

Google is also constantly changes it’s search algorithm hundreds of times every year which can knock down your ranking…

This leads to needing more and more relevant content creation for your business, making it harder and harder to cut through and achieve…

Your customers expect great things from your business. They expect a user-friendly, engaging website and an attractive social media presence to assess your business at first. That’s when they might get excited to jump on their desktops and explore your products/services further, so they expect to see you on search engines. Not to forget that with the increasing number of emails and ads they receive every day, you’d better give it a notch on that end too!

This is why a holistic approach in your digital marketing strategy is important!

You cannot rely on one channel digital marketing to grow your business… And if you do, you’re putting your marketing efforts at risk- as they advise never put all your eggs in one basket!

Social media platforms and google are constantly updating their algorithms and introducing new changes and features as we speak, so if your business is relying only on one of these channels… you’re playing a risky game!

But, on the other hand you cannot just stick to referrals and email marketing using your existing database because this will not attract new customers nor help you grow!

Customers are comfortable with some or all of these digital channels, and they use them regularly at different stages within their customer journey. Whether searching for you on google to find out more information or engaging with you on social media, to checking their emails for promotional materials, or even connecting with you post purchase.

You can’t expect to attract, nurture and retain customers by showing up in one way!

The online customer journey is more complicated than just your website or your social media page or even an email. How much advertising and information do we see every day? Unless we see the same businesses constantly again and again in a multiple of relevant and engaging ways, we’re going to forget they ever existed and fall victim to the next new brand that pops up.

Again, it’s sad but true! Competition online is fierce…

Incorporating a holistic approach in your digital marketing strategy will ensure that your business is showing up in the right way and at the right time supporting your customers’ buyer journey and enabling them to build a business relationship with you.

Customers want more than just nice creative popup ads and promotions… They want an experience. An experience that can authentically represent you and your brand and map their customer journey.

To keep your customers connected to your brand, don’t make it hard!

Make it easy for them to find you online, to engage with you, learn more about your business and what you offer so you can turn them into loyal customers – who reacts at the right time and come back wanting more.

That’s why I’m a big believer in holistic digital marketing! You need to look at the big picture to consider the right ways to connect your brand with your desired customers.

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